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Forcefield Protective ‘Boom’ Shorts Review

In my opinion, protective shorts are a must for snowboarding as anyone who has landed on their coccyx would agree, and with Forcefield protecting the vast majority of our professional snowboarders, I knew it was a brand to rely on.

The Forcefield Boom shorts are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. They are secured by a draw string at the top with the griper elastic around the legs to ensure they do not slip down, and although basic, it works.

All the important areas are protected using the unique and effective Forcefield M15® armour, protecting the hips, buttocks and coccyx. They are designed to be high energy absorbing, lightweight and the shorts are reasonably low profile. The Boom shorts are not as low profile as other shorts I have tested, but to be honest, they did a lot better job when it mattered and at the end of the day, that is what counts! Another bonus is that the armour is made from Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) so there is no loss of protection, even after multiple impacts. Although, I will have to take their word on that because I wasn’t willing to throw myself badly off a kicker multiple times to find out!

Another point worth mentioning is that the Forcefield M15® armour is removable so the shorts can be thrown into a washing machine once you get home because lets be honest, they can get a bit toasty after working up a sweat from a hard day’s shredding.

Another feature that the Boom Shorts boast to stop them smelling like a hire shop’s boot room is that they are constructed using BeCool, a unique technical fibre that helps control the body temperature while snowboarding / skiing by offering breathability, wicking and is fast drying.

From all the protective shorts that I have worn over the years, the Forcefield Boom Shorts would be the one’s I would wear by choice and are highly recommended. After all, snowboarding is about pushing yourself to new levels and wearing protection such as Boom Shorts certainly assists with your confidence to do so.

The Science Bit

CE Approved M15® armour
Constructed from BeCool with Humidity Discharge Function
Removable armour for machine washing
RPT (Repeat Performance Technology)
Tested to -10 Celsius

Review Summary

Forcefield Protective ‘Boom’ Shorts reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Unisex
Good for: Skiing\Snowboarding
Price: £99.99
Rating: 9 out of 10

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