G-Form Compression Shorts Review

Snowboard Editor Mark Barber reviews the G-Form Compression Shorts and gives his opinion from a snowboarders point of view.

My first impression of the G-Form Compression Shorts was how super-lightweight they were, and it was hard to imagine that the thin protective foam would offer any protection at all. I needn’t have worried though as they utilise the technology of XRD impact protection foam. This lightweight material is best known for the use in protective covers for electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and iPhones, and is designed to stiffen on impact to dissipate energy.

The fit is incredibly comfortable, holds in place well and feels like slipping on a pair of cycling shorts. The shorts have a very low profile and so not obvious with my baggy snowboarding shorts on. They feel no different than wearing a base layer. The material does seem to be breathable as stated in the description and they are very easy to wash.

When going on a snowboarding trip, packing is an issue if you are flying. Most airlines only let you take one piece of luggage so that has to be your snowboard bag with everything packed into it. Protective gear is often bulky and heavy and a problem with packing, but the G-Form shorts are not only lightweight, but they also can be folded up small so can be placed anywhere into your snowboard bag. No more arguments at the EasyJet check-in!

Being a snowboarder, I wore the G-Form Shorts out on the slopes and tested it out while trying some new tricks and kickers. I found that the XRD foam did its job well to soften the impact of falls. My only criticism is that the tailbone protection area is too small for snowboarding as this is the area where snowboarders need the most protection, due to the typical way a snowboarder will hit the ground if falling backwards.

The XRD foam is fantastic technology and if I was reviewing the G-Form Compression Shorts for other sports such as cycling, and maybe even skiing, it would certainly have received a rating of 9, but the tailbone area could be improved for snowboarders.

Review Summary

G-Form Compression Shorts reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Unisex
Good for: All action sports
Price: £89.99
Rating: 8 out of 10
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Mark Barber

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