Beginners Ski Tips

We provide everything you need to know about how to ski.

Tamworth SnowDome Review

In the middle of a Summer's day, my family took a trip to the UK's original and oldest snow centre - The SnowDome in Tamworth.

Learn to Ski… Africa!

At The Skiing Department we love to talk about some of the alternative and unusual ski related businesses or activities there are around the world. When we think of Africa we don’t usually associate the continent with skiing, but down in Johannesburg there is a thriving ski school that has been operating for over 30 years.

Ski Tuning – Blinded by Science

Foreword by Robert Stewart – Journalist, The Skiing Department

Skiing is a sport that by nature requires specialized equipment that has evolved enormously over the last 100 years. Looking after your equipment is very important and your skis need more attention than anything else. If you do own your own skis you have 2 choices, get a good ski shop to service them for you or do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself then you need the right tools and knowledge to ensure your skis work to their maximum potential. If you ski often, then understanding how to look after your own skis is essential. We have asked professional ski tuner, Scott Hammond, to contribute to The Skiing Department in this series of posts about ski tuning.

Ski Lift Advice for Beginners

During a ski holiday, you will spend more time on a ski lift than you may have anticipated.

Luckily, most main resorts have identified that comfort and queuing time are important factors of ski-lifts and that a ride up a snowy mountain should be something to enjoy, not endure! If you’re new to skiing, you may be a little anxious about how and when to use the lifts.

Here’s some information and a few handy tips on the different types of ski lifts around:

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