Dolomite Diagonal GTX Shoe

Dolomite Diagonal GTX Shoe Review

Our first impression of the Dolomite Diagonal GTX Shoe as it comes out of the box is that it looks rather like a traditional rock climbing shoe, combined with a hiking boot.
Just what the doctor ordered during one of the hottest spells in summer when we needed something to tackle the streets of London to the Malvern Hills – both on foot and on bike.

Testing conditions

  • Walking in the Malvern Hills, England
  • Walking around London, including attending evening media events
  • Cycling across London

In all of these situations they did not disappoint or feel out of place.
For something to perform at such a high technical level and then stand its ground (and more) at a business event (all be it for journalists that write about mountain sports), it needs to be rather special.

We think this is the most versatile outdoor shoe we have ever tested.
Of course if you’re looking to do hike across the Alps, on a multi-day trek, then you’d need something a bit more substantial and with enhanced ankle support. But this is a lightweight bit of kit that loves to move quickly and has the kind of grip that would take you up a scramble comfortably.

The Vibram sole is solid – perhaps a little much for city strolling, but they are so comfortable, even in the hotter weather, I’d choose them for a day out rather than a trainer, if the agenda involves a lot of walking.
Looks are with the beholder, but we really like the styling – they are not over the top in a way that some outdoor shoes can be. There’s enough subtlety to ensure you don’t scream “I’m an outdoor mountain person and I want you to know it”, but there’s enough of that mountain feel to provide you much Kudos on the terraces of Chamonix to the cobbles of Zermatt.

For over 100 years, since 1897, Dolomite have been making shoes and are the world’s oldest outdoor mountain brand. Now part of the Scott Sports group, headquartered in Switzerland, they are continuing to develop highly innovative products for technical mountain travellers.

The company says this about the Diagonal GTX:

“Blending together comfort with an exclusive design, Diagonal Gtx is a sporty-looking shoe dedicated to people who love to be outdoors and on the move. Featuring a suede upper and an abrasion-proof toe-cap and heel, these shoes guarantee the perfect mix of comfort and durability, making them ideal for walking in the nature, but even for travelling in different environments. The GORE-TEX lining eventually shields the wearers from wind and wet, ensuring at the same time the best breathability”.

We cannot disagree with this statement.

Would it work during the winter in a ski resort? Our opinion is that they would, but you’d probably want a deeper walking boot with you if conditions are very snowy in the resort. If not, then certainly the grip feels good enough to handle snow and ice, but if the snow is deep they won’t be able to stop your feet from getting wet.

But we look forward to testing them out ourselves during the winter – look out for an update.

Technical Information

Upper: 1.4/1.6 Suede
Lining: Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Footwear Vision 3ly
Sole: TPU stabilizer – Die cut Eva – Vibram® Predator bottom
Footbed: Moulded Eva
Flex Index: Super-Flex
Essential Vibram® sole: Lightness – flexibility – traction
Gore-Tex® Vision 3Ly lining: Waterproofness – breathability – low insulation
1.4/1.6 Suede Upper: Durability
Wrapping Flaps Lacing: Fastens the boot, adapting to the foot and working with its movements
Rubber Toe and Heel: Toe box and heel protection
Sizes UK: 3-12 with half sizes
Approx. Weight: 400g (half pair)

Review Summary

Dolomite Diagonal GTX Shoe reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Mens and Womens
Good for: Walking and scrabbling in all conditions, from city to mountains
Price: £130.00
Rating: 10 out of 10