Wed’ze Carv 700 MIPS ski helmet

Wed’ze Carv 700 MIPS Helmet Review – A Teenager’s Point Of View!

Stylish and yet practical, the Wed’ze Carv 700 MIPS helmet is definitely on to a winner. The technicality is off the scale, whilst maintaining ultimate comfort and ease of use.

Having only ever rented before, I had become used to the usual tedious escapade of trying on an endless supply of well-worn helmets with none fitting to my satisfaction. It was a relief, therefore, when I received my very own to try out on the slopes.

Wed’ze Carv 700 MIPS helmet – The review

There are just two sizes – 56-59cm and 59-62cm, so I was sceptical at first that it wouldn’t fit. However, after a few easy adjustments using a dial at the back and a toggle for the neck strap, the helmet sat comfortably on my head and was tight in all the right places. It also fitted well with my goggles, which are Wed’ze too. Weighing in at just 490g in size M, the Carv helmet is lightweight, and almost feels as if it is not there when wearing it.

Upon first impressions, I was very impressed with the design, which looks effortlessly cool. The colours fading in are a unique design compared to the other helmets on offer, and something that I think could be implemented in a wider range of products as it is very aesthetically pleasing.

There are many features that I think make this a stand-out buy. Arguably the most important is the MIPS technology which provides a very high level of protection. As put by Decathlon, MIPS ‘allows the interior surface of the helmet to move independently from the exterior shell’, so that on impact the head is rotated away from awkward angles. This reduces impact on the brain very effectively, and helps the helmet comply with EN 1077-B standard.

Boasting nine vents in total, the Active Air Cooling System improves the air flow around the helmet. Out of the nine vents, the six on top can easily be opened or closed with a sliding button. I found this particularly useful as although it was quite hot when skiing down the mountains, it was useful to be able to shut the vents quickly if the wind picked up suddenly when higher up (and also stopped snowballs from getting inside!).

Despite the cold, biting winds that I had to endure whilst going up chairlifts, my head stayed warm and cosy within the helmet. This is down to a number of design assets that include full earpads and a fold-down Cold Barrier which covers the gap between the goggles and the helmet to protect your forehead from the wind. Furthermore, the majority of the interior of the Carv helmet is lined with fur, making it even more cosy.

The inner helmet is removable and machine-washable which makes for easy maintenance, although I did find that it often caught in my hair as it stuck up around the edges.

After wearing this helmet for a week, I was very pleased with it and can honestly say, all types of helmet inclusive, that it is the best I’ve worn and is a must, especially in terms of comfort and fit. Plus, for only £59.99, it is certainly a bargain!

Wed’ze Carv 700 MIPS helmet – Features

  • Turnering System
  • Active Air Cooling System
  • MIPS Technology
  • Cold Barrier
  • EN 1077 Standard
  • Full Earpad
  • Light Shell Construction
  • RECCO System
  • Removable textile

Review Summary

Wed’ze Carv 700 MIPS Adult Ski and Snowboarding Helmet reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Unisex
Good for: Skiing and Snowboarding
Price: £59.99
Rating: 9 out of 10

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