Giro Stellar MIPS Ladies Helmet Review

GIRO Say: THE STARS ALIGN: The new Stellar MIPS helmet is our premiere women’s offering. It utilises integrated Conform Fit Technology – a two-piece outer shell hugs the head with the turn of a dial providing a bespoke fit. The low profile Stellar MIPS comes fully loaded with premium performance and safety features including our Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), adjustable venting, an integrated POV camera mount, and Fidlock® Magnetic buckle closure allowing you to stay focused on the pursuit of powder of perfect groomers.

Snow.Guide says:

Over the years, most of us have got used to wearing helmets when we ski – if you’re old enough, then you’ll remember when we never wore helmets unless participating in Alpine ski racing, and even at one time, you only wore helmets in the downhill race.

Now it’s more unusual to see skiers not wearing them, despite little hard evidence to suggest they actually protect us.

I’m not sure about that, I’ve both witnessed some falls recently and had some where without a helmet, things could have turned out worse. But the main point is that we are now used to wearing them and take it off, it feels odd. It’s cosy underneath that lid and when it comes to the GIRO Stellar, it’s even cosier.

….and comfort is important. Helmets also keep your head warm when it’s cold outside, warmer than a beanie and the fluffy, furry inside of this helmet is a real nice selling point.

Arguably more important is the safety element of the helmet, and they have come a long way in the last few years. The Steller is equipped with the MIPS technology, a branded design that several manufactures have integrated in their helmets that mimics the movement inside the head. When your head suffers an impact, your brain is designed to move inside your skull to reduce that impact. If you’re wearing a helmet that doesn’t move like your brain does, there’s some evidence to suggest that this removes that natural function inside the head to protect the brain. MIPS simply acts like the membrane between the brain and the skull and moves inside the helmet, mimicking the movement.
The low volume, neat design looks smart and would suit anyone from a once a week skier who wants a good quality helmet and doesn’t want to compromise, to an instructor out there day after day and needs comfort and security.

There’s a decent air flap system on the helmet too.

Our female tester Jacqueline has said it’s her favourite ever helmet, hence the 10/10 score. She was particularly impressed with the helmets comfort and lightweight feel.

Helmet Specifications

MIPS – Multi-directional Impact Protection System
Articulating Hard Shell Construction
Low-profile Design

Conform Fit Technology

Thermostat Control Adjustable Venting
Stack Ventilation Super Cool Vents

Designed Specifically for Women
Custom Women’s Trim Detailing
POV Camera Mount Included
Fidlock® Magnetic Buckle Closure
Compatible with Aftermarket Giro Audio Systems by Outdoor Tech
Seamless Compatibility with All Giro Goggles
Compliance: CE EN1077

S 52-55.5cm, M 55.5-59cm

Review Summary

Giro Stellar MIPS Ladies Helmet reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Women
Good for: Keeping your head not only safe, but warm too
Price: £219.99
Rating: 10 out of 10
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Robert Stewart

Ski Editor at Snow.Guide

Rob has extensive knowledge and experience of winter sports and has been qualified to instruct and teach Alpine Skiing for over 25 years. He is also an experienced off-piste and backcountry skier and has competed in freestyle and freeride events around the world. Now a full-time ski writer and Director of Ski Press, Rob is Snow.Guide’s Ski Editor and contributes to many other snowsports, national and lifestyle publications.

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