Panda Optics Cove Sunglasses review

This Panda Optics Cove sunglasses review was carried out during a trip to the French mountain resort of Les Gets.

Review of  the Panda Optics Cove sunglasses

Like the late and great Johnny Cash, I am not exactly well known for donning bright colours.  Although Panda Optics do have Cove sunglasses in black, I just had to have the uber-cool looking orange sunglasses.

My Panda Optics Cove sunglasses are bright matt orange with a blue inlay stripe, with polarised lenses that are mirrored with a blue tint.  This may sound brash, but they look beautifully stylish and ideal for summer.

But, as anyone who has ever been married to a stunning but dumb-witted supermodel will testify, looks are not everything.  With this in mind I took the Cove sunglasses on a mountain summer trip to Les Gets to see if they are more than just a pretty face.

Over the period of the 4 days spent in Les Gets, the sun was beating down constantly and it was sweltering hot, so the fact that the fully polarised lenses give 100 UV protection, and are a category 2 VLT (18-45%), was appreciated.

The lenses reduce blue light which gives great clarity and contrast without making making the vision too dark.  To quote one of my friends who tried them out, ‘it is like looking at the world through a really cool Instagram filter!’

I wore these Panda Optics Cove sunglasses whilst downhill mountain biking and mountain climbing.  I found the frames to be so lightweight that I could have easily have forgot that I was wearing them.  The sunglasses also seem to be very robust and I like the strong unique steel C-hinge.

The glasses fitted well without being too tight and held in position well, without ever slipping off.  This was vital for me, especially during the mountain biking.

Panda Optics Cove sunglasses review summary

The Panda Optics Cove sunglasses are stylish, lightweight, durable, and are fitted with excellent quality polarised lenses.

They are equally ideal for action sports or for just wearing about town.

I love the orange colour, but if you want to Walk The Line and be like Johnny Cash, you can also choose an equally stylish black pair

At a price of only £54 you can’t go wrong!  I love the little touches such as it comes in a nicely presented magnetic flip box, with a microfibre bag for storage and cleaning the lenses.


  • 100% UV protection
  • Fully polarised with blue mirrored effect.
  • Reduces blue light (creates a greater contrast of colours)
  • Category 2 VLT (18-45%)


  • Unique steel C-hinge technology. Metal C shape tension in hinges keeps your arms responsive and rigid for 5x longer than regular hinges.


  • TR90 frame – New lightweight thermoplastic material with enhanced durability and flexibility. Flexibility makes the frames particularly comfortable around ears.
  • Matt colours, no shiny frames.

Review Summary

Panda Optics Cove Sunglasses reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Unisex
Good for: Action Sports
Price: £54.00
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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