Prevent colds with the ColdZyme Mouth Spray – Review

What is the ColdZyme Mouth Spray?

The ColdZyme mouth spray may seem like a strange product for Snow Guide to review!  But to enjoy the mountains we have to travel regularly and staying healthy is vital.

What makes ColdZyme different is that it is used for the prevention of a common cold.  Ideally used if you want avoid getting a cold prior to a ski trip, or for a big day like a wedding.

I was keen to try it out as I seem to get a cold as soon as I return from my snowboarding trips.  I really do not know if there is any science behind this, but I have always put it down to my body defences being more acceptable to the virus after returning from the clean and pure mountain air from altitude, to home which is a stones throw from London.  What ever the reason; it happens!

This time, before my trip to Andorra, I used the ColdZyme mouth spray for a week and did not get a cold on my return.

Now, I cannot say that I would not have got a cold if I did not use ColdZyme, as, like any preventive action, that would be impossible! I just know that I usually do get a cold within a week of being back and this time i didn’t!

The Science Bit…

So how does it work?  Well, the ColdZyme mouth spray creates a protective barrier on the mucous membrane at the back of the throat.  This barrier reduces the ability of a virus to bind to the cells to the throat and cause illness.  This is one of the most targeted areas for the common cold virus.

A lot of research and testing has been done, with which people (not fluffy rabbits) have been exposed to the common cold virus and it seems conclusive that those who used ColdZyme mouth spray were far less likely to catch a cold, than those who didn’t.

Boringly, the ColdZyme mouth spray is not made up magical ingredients, but a healing enzyme from the Artic Ocean.  Wondering why Icelandic fisherman have hands like a person in a Olay advert, a professor researched into the fish that they were handling, and found that certain cod-adapted marine organisms contained an enzyme with fantastic healing properties – Voila!

To summarise, I will carry on using ColdZyme to see what affect it has on my following snowboard trips.  Although I cannot be certain, I do believe it has been effective on keeping the pesky common cold at bay.

Review Summary

ColdZyme Mouth Spray reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Unisex
Good for: pre ski/snowboarding trips
Price: From £9.99 a bottle
Website: click here
Rating: 8 out of 10
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