chatham maguire leather walking boot

Chatham Maguire Leather Walking Boots Review

I always welcome and support British independent brands and judging by the Maguire boots, Chatham are producing real quality footwear. I wore these when travelling on a snowboarding trip to Andorra and can honestly say, they are the most comfortable boots I ever have worn.

The waxy tan leather on these ankle boots not only looks really stylish, but is also weatherproof. I was walking around town in snow with temperatures well into the minus figures and my feet were still warm and dry. They also have good grip on bottom of the soles giving me excellent traction while walking across snow and ice.

With ankle boots, I usually have the problem with my ankles being sore from constant rubbing, but this is not an issue with the Chatham Maguire boots mainly thanks to the high lined padded collar. They also have extra padding under foot that really works and gives an extra spring in the step.
I have no doubt that these are good walking boots, but they offer so much more than that and are good for everyday use, as well as travelling.

Considering the quality, they are priced very reasonably and well worth the money. The Chatham Maguire Walking Boots are highly recommended.

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Review Summary

Chatham Maguire Leather Walking Boots reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Mens
Good for: Hiking and general wear
Price: £69
Rating: 9.5 out of 10