Where To Ski in Austria

Where To Ski In Austria Book Review

Following in the footsteps of the immensely popular ‘Where To Ski & Snowboard’ print series, this is a review of the Where To Ski in Austria book.

The Where To Ski & Snowboard series was considered a ski lovers bible and ran for many years.  The new Where To Ski series breaks up the guide into bite-sized chunks by concentrating on individual countries in separate publications.  The Where To Ski in Austria book is the first release.

Being a keen snowboarder, the first thing I noticed was that they have dropped snowboarding from the title!  Not only that, but the individual snowboarding grades and rankings for the individual resorts have also been dropped.  I used to think the small rating of resorts for boarders was a useful inclusion and helpful for inexperienced snowboarders.  I would like to see this added in future additions.

I absolutely love Austria and it was a joy flicking through the book.  Austrian resorts has an authentic feel that cannot be replicated and the Apres ski is simply legendary.

As you would expect, the write up of the resorts are clear, concise, and at times, brutally honest.  This is not a fluffy PR exercise and the reviews are well researched and come with warts and all.

Chris Gill and Dave Watts live and breathe skiing and pour all their experiences into the Where To Ski in Austria book.

The book itself is sleek, well designed with good structuring.  I especially enjoyed the additional article on Buying a Property in Austria.

The book is split up into the different ski regions, with the individual ski resorts listed within.  This is clearly defined in the contents at the beginning and end so you can easily find the resort you are looking for.  The fold-out map of Austria and the piste maps are also a nice addition.

Each review gives a detailed description of each resort and what it is like to stay there.  This is ideal if you need to know if it is a party town, suitable for families, or if the slopes access is near or would it be a bus journey.

The details of the resort’s mountains is in depth and great for finding out if it is suitable for your ability.

I was a bit disappointed to see that the glacier resort of Kaunertal was not listed in the book.  This is probably because it is so small and not easily accessible, but it is the home of the biggest event of the UK snowboarding industry, Snowboard Spring Break Test week.

All in all, the Where To Ski in Austria does not disappoint and continues to be the only guide that I would truly trust.  In a digital age this is a book worth buying as it is the only guide you will need for Austria, for years to come.

The only reason I have dropped half a point in the ranking is the exclusion of everything snowboarding related – please bring this back in future editions!

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