Mountains On Stage

Mountains On Stage – The Mountain Film Festival

A review of the Mountains On Stage film festival

Mountains On Stage is a film festival across 40 cities in Europe.  I went along to the Empire in Haymarket, London, when the festival rolled into town.

The Empire was a great venue right in the heart of the West End, and I enjoyed a very reasonably priced beer at the bar (for London, anyway) before heading in for the first showing.

The cinema was packed.  film goers had got there early and were eagerly awaiting the doors to open.

Mountains On Stage consisted of 6 various film showings throughout the evening.  All to do with the winter mountains and varied in different time lengths.

All the films were outstanding but the one I enjoyed the most was a 15 year old classic titled Marco, Shooting Star.

Filmed before the likes of GoPro, this is an extraordinary and captivating film about Marco Siffredi.  Marco was a larger than life character who simply saw the mountains as his playground.  Nothing was too extreme.

The film is raw, emotional, and somehow really captures the incredible personality of Marco.  A wonderful film that is 52 minutes in length.

The other standout feature was This Is Home, starring Candide Thovex and Henry Sildaru.

Only 4 minutes in length, it is 4 minutes of pure ski bliss.  Candide Thovex simply owns the social media stage with all his films giving the word viral a new meaning.

This Is Home is not different.  Beautifully slick and intense; this is the future of ski film making.

The Films showing:
Ueli Steck Tribute
Ya Mas Snowmads In Greece
Marco, Shooting Star
This Is Home
Waking Dream
Riso Patron

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