Helly Hansen Odin 9 Worlds Jacket Review 2017

From Globe trotting to a leisurely Sunday afternoon hike, is the Helly Hansen Odin 9 Worlds Jacket the ideal jacket for any scenario?

The Helly Hansen Odin 9 Worlds jacket is named after Odin, a Norse God, who travelled across the 9 worlds of Yggdrasil in search of wisdom.

Now days we don’t need to go that extreme as we can simply ask Siri or Google, but our adventures can lead us into all sorts of extreme situations, and the Odin 9 Worlds simply states ‘I have got this!’.

This shell jacket is completely weatherproof but breathable.  Being made of 3 layers it is surprisingly light and can easily be rolled up and put away in a small backpack.

The Odin 9 Worlds is aesthetically simple and elegant, but also tough and durable.  I had the mirage blue jacket which was striking without being gaudy.  Especially with the subtle Helly Hansen branding.

Attention to detail…

Of course, as you would expect from Helly Hansen, what makes the Odin 9 Worlds stand out is in the attention to detail.

The jacket has been designed so that you still have easy access to all the pockets while wearing a backpack, or even when wearing a harness.  The pockets are big and deep, and can also be used as extra ventilation.  They also open from top to bottom for for ease of access.

The jacket will keep you warm against the bitter wind, but, if you start to feel a bit toasty the Odin 9 Worlds has underarm ventilation zippers to quickly cool you down.

The zips are all individually designed to meet their purpose.  They are easily accessible even while wearing gloves, and do not snag or catch which is the problem with so many other jackets I have tested.

The splashes of high visibility yellow are a nice touch, which are well placed on the zips, inner hem of the jacket, as well as the inner hem of the hood.

For my own preference, the hood was slightly oversized as it fell over my face obscuring my vision. But, I guess it has to be to fit over a helmet if needed.

Overall, I think the Helly Hansen Odin 9 Worlds is an essential piece of kit for those who enjoy adventure and the outdoors.  It is a bit pricey at £300, but you get what you pay for.


Waterproof, windproof and breathable
Helly Tech® Professional 3L
C6 DWR + hydrophilic lamination
Helmet compatible hood
High visibility laminated hood brim
Lower pocket zippers with 2X head to head to allow open and close flexibility and harness compatible fit backpack and harness-compatible pockets that double as venting. Zippers open from top and bottom for optimal flexibility.
Elbow and hem reinforcements for high use areas of abrasion
Articulated sleeves for increased mobility
Custom designed zipper pullers
Fully seam sealed with Bemis 3L jersey tape

Review Summary

Helly Hansen Odin 9 Worlds Jacket reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Mens
Good for: adventure outdoors
Price: £300
Rating: 9.5 out of 10



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Mark is also the manager of Jamie Barrow (Britain’s fastest snowboarder)

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