Warm Up For The Ski Season At The Snow Centre

As I write this, it is a beautifully fresh September morning with blue sky and not a cloud in sight, as Summer is still hanging on by it’s fingernails and seems very reluctant to pass the baton over to Autumn. Strange as it seems, the ski season is almost upon us and despite initial Brexit fears, it seems that there are going to be just as many of us hitting the slopes as always!

Family ski trips are not only great fun but is an experience full of fond memories that will stay with the kids always – everyone remembers their first ski trip! Some of you may be returning to the slopes for a family holiday after a couple of years absence, and the problem with this is it can take a day or two for you all to all get back in the swing of things and reach the levels that you achieved on your last trip. This is obviously wasted time and slows down the progress of skiing/snowboarding.

My advice is to get a head start before you go and head over to a indoor snow centre, dry ski slope, or a revolving ski slope like Chelski or Skiplex. Personally, I think there is nothing better to practice on than real snow so I took my kids over to the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead for a few pre-season warm-up runs.

It was the end of the school holidays and it felt weird walking into the Snow Centre with my board and all suited up in my snowboarding gear; especially as it was a hot day and the sun was out in all it’s glory.

My kids do not have their own ski’s so we hired them there. I found the staff to be very helpful as they measured and weighed them both, as well as asking about their ability level, so they could adjust the skis accordingly.

My daughter had last skied at Easter, so it didn’t take her too long to get back used to it again. But, my son hasn’t skied in over two years and he found it really awkward at first, but only took him a few laps before he started skiing more confidently. By the end of the session he was really enjoying himself.

I do intend to get them both out in the mountains this winter and may head back to the Snow Centre for a couple more sessions beforehand. At least then I know that I won’t be wasting valuable slope time in the alps just playing catchup making up for lost ground!

Family skiing snow centre

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Mark is also the manager of Jamie Barrow (Britain’s fastest snowboarder)

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