The 5 Best Ski Lift Fails on Video

Check out our 5 best ski lift fails on Video - both hilarious and frightful!

When learning, one of the most feared aspects of snow sports is not going down the Mountain but going up!  A ‘T’ Bar, button lift, or chair lift can be a beginners nemesis – especially snowboarders.

Check out this collection of the 5 most hilarious and frightful ski lift fails on YouTube:

As any snowboarder will know, T Bars were not designed for those who like to slide sideways and can be tricky.  Every cringe worthy second of this poor lads first attempts at a T Bar on the first day of a lads holiday was hilariously filmed without mercy by his friend.  If nothing else, this video teaches us one thing; If at first you don’t succeed, try, try (and try, try ,try) again!

It is not only snowboarders who have difficulties with T bars, this young skier has a very unconventional method of getting up the mountain, with the shouts of ‘LET GO!’ still ringing in his ears!

This incredible video shows a lad falling the equivalent of 4-storeys  from a chair lift!  After trying to throw a snowball at a mate, he slips and is left dangling while hanging on with his fingertips before plummeting to the rocks below!

This young boy is left dangling from a chair lift before falling.  Luckily a combined and quick response from skiers, snowboarders and the ski patrol saves him.

We will finish on something more light-hearted and back to the battle of the T Bars.  This hapless snowboarder a very unusual and but poetic style that could be made into an Olympic sport!


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