Are snowboarders Rich Audi Driving IT Consultants?

Forget the baggy loose hanging jeans and Vans skate shoes, according to the YouGov profile of a snowboarder, they are more likely to rock up in well fitted Calvin Klein gear. Forget about travelling over to the Alps in a battered 70’s VW Camper, our snowboarding IT consultant is more likely to travel to Heathrow airport in his Audi or BMW, before catching a flight over the Geneva by British Airways!

These poll statistics paint a very different picture of the stereotypical snowboarder we all know and love and makes for interesting reading. YouGov is a global market research and data company founded in the UK and YouGov Profile is from the collected data from over 200,000 UK participants.

Typing in the word snowboarding into the search bar tells us that our snowboarder is probably Male, aged 25-39, and likely to live in London.

Working in IT obviously pays well as our London socialite has a lot of disposable cash to splash around and would prefer a Thai Red Chicken Curry over a McDonalds any day. He is confident and enjoys taking risks, but also a restless control freak.

Our profile snowboarder is far too busy following Bill Gates on Twitter to watch TV, but when he does, he enjoys classic US Drama series’ such as ‘Breaking Bad’ and the 90’s cult ‘The Wire’. In his spare time he is likely to pick up the Financial Times or Mens Health magazine, and certainly
wouldn’t even contemplate reading The Sun.

When it comes to politics, our snowboarder is not a street styled anarchist as he is more likely to be hanging on every word of Nigel Farage from UKIP.

So how accurate is this profile? The YouGov Profile is not meant to be taken as an average but more the quintessential of the group. This data is intended for profiling for media strategies and campaigns. Although, as stated, YouGov pulls in data from over 200,000 people, the actual data
for the snowboarding profile is only cross referenced from 621. Not only that, YouGov only poll from people who are over 18. Taking all this into consideration I do not believe that this is a true reflection of the average snowboarder but could be used for researching different target groups.

I think I am safe putting my hoodie back on!

What do you think?
Is the YouGov Profile inaccurate or is this a true reflection of snowboarding reaching a new maturity?

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