Dainese AWA Gloves Review

Arguably ski gloves are the most important purchase out of all ski wear, so I was interested in reviewing the Dainese AWA Gloves.

It is not a purchase that you want to skimp on as the quality of ski gloves can make the difference with staying out on the mountain till the last lift closes, or heading back early with cold or wet hands.  Or even worse – both!

The Dainese AWA Gloves may have a hefty price tag of £103.50, but they are quality and your hands may thank you for it!

These ski gloves are easy to put on or take off as they loosen via a zip on the back of the hand.  Once on they feel snug without being too tight or claustrophobic.

I have worn the Dainese AWA Gloves in very wet conditions including, snow, rain and slush and they kept my hands warm and dry throughout.

Despite having a typical Italian understated design that oozes class, they seem very durable and should last a few seasons.  This is emphasised by the reinforced palms.

So, the big question is did they keep my hands warm? The simple answer is ‘yes’!  The Dainese AWA Gloves felt snug and cosy and at no time did my hands fee cold.  Not even at the tips of my fingers which is the usual occurrence.

The only disappointment is that the Dainese AWA Gloves in size large, are not compatible with the Dainese Hector Wristguard’s size large.  To me this is a slight oversight, so if you do have the wristguards it is best to go a size up in the gloves. This is only a small gripe as it will not affect most people.

The other pointer is that the gloves are supposed to be touch screen compatible on the index finger and thumb but I found this not to be the case with my iphone.

Overall, I think the Dainese AWA gloves are good quality that kept my hands dry and warm.  They are slightly on the expensive side but they do the job, and for that you may consider them worthy!

Review Summary

Dainese AWA Gloves reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Mens
Good for: Skiing and Snowboarding
Price: £103.50
Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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