Burton Step On Bindings – What’s the big deal?

Burton Step On Bindings and Boots

Make no mistake about it – the Burton Step On bindings are going to revolutionise snowboarding!

The Burton Step On bindings have been five years in the making and are the most anticipated product launch of 2017-18.

Step in bindings have been around for years so what is the big deal?

The original step in bindings never really took off because riders felt they were heavy, bulky and cumbersome, and never really had the right deft feel and response for advanced snowboarders.

After being sick of sitting down to do up his bindings, Jake Burton challenged his team to come up with something that will evolve the way snowboarders get in and out of bindings.  Five years later they believe they have the answer!

Can it be true that we have finally caught up with skiers in the way we get in and out of bindings?  No more faff strapping in when getting of a chairlift, with our fellow skiers complaining that we are holding them back?

The initial signs are good.  The bindings are light, responsive and easy to step in or out of.  You would need to purchase special Burton boots to use the bindings; a choice of the Ruler and Photon Step On boots for the men and the Limelight Step On boots for the ladies.  Although, the bindings are compatible with all bindings systems of different snowboard brands.

So how does it work?

It works by stepping into the binding heel first and then clicking the front of the boot into place.  The bindings are locked onto the boot in two places at the back and one on the front.  To get out is easy as you just pull a small lever on the side and release your boot with a twisting motion.

I have been told that it can take a couple of ski lift rides to get used to stepping in at the top while moving, but once you nail it there is no going back!  Also, the sensation of snowboarding without straps can seem weird at first, especially if you look down at your feet!

So what it is it like to ride?  The reports are that it is super responsive, light and comfortable, feeling secure at all times.

The Achilles heel of the older style step in bindings was that they used to get clogged up when in the deep stuff.  It appears that the Burton Step On bindings have no such trouble with powder.

Of course, there are many who are not convinced – and the initial set up of having to buy new boots as well as the bindings makes it an expensive investment.

But, I believe that Burton have just reinvented the wheel and this could be a much needed boost to the industry.  This is just the start of better things to come!

The Step On™ men and women’s bindings retail for €260. Riders can choose between the men’s Ruler Step On™ boots (€340) and men’s Photon Step On™ boots (€410), or the women’s Limelight Step On™ boots (€340) and women’s Felix Step On™ boots (€390).

To pre-order Step On™, head to www.burton.com/at/en/StepOn . And check out the full list of Step On™ test centres at select retailers that will offer complimentary demos this upcoming winter.


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Mark Barber

Snowboard Editor at Snow.Guide

Firmly established within the snow sports industry, Mark Barber is Snowboard Editor of snow.guide. Mark has a solid background in snow sports and travel writing, as well as being an international published author.

Mark is also the manager of Jamie Barrow (Britain’s fastest snowboarder)

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