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Top 5 Tips to Shine on the Snow

Is the British snow getting you in the mood for your snow sport trip? Make the most of your holiday with these tips from the experts at The Snow Centre, in Hemel Hempstead!

1. Take a couple of indoor snowsport lessons before you leave to make sure you’ve got all the right skills. This will save you valuable time whilst on the slopes if you’re a beginner or if you’re experienced and need brushing up on technique. For advanced skiers, The Snow Centre offers special coaching sessions to boost your skills. These sessions are specialised and include the Parallel Plus, the Carving Clinic and the Wednesday Night Bumps.

2. The day after your catch-up session, your body might surprise you with aches in muscles you forgot you had. Skiing and snowboarding exercise different muscles than everyday life in the UK. The fitter you are when you hit the slopes, the better you will be able to show off your skills and the lower the risk of injury. Regular exercise such as running and cycling are great ways to boost your cardiovascular system as well as building up your leg muscles.

3. Just as important as cardiovascular exercise is increasing your flexibility and training all the small muscles that support the bigger muscle groups. The better your flexibility the more agile you can be on the slopes. Practising yoga and pilates are excellent for these purposes, plus it’s great way to keep fit!

4. Get your gear out of the loft in time and check whether it’s all working. It’s important that your equipment is functional and it would be very frustrating to find out your bindings are broken on your first day. Something as simple as trying on your outfit before you go on holiday to see if it still fits and looks good on you can save you a lot time and effort.

5. Preparation will help you have more precious slope time. Order your lift passes during your first evening so that you don’t wait around during peak times. The same goes if you’re hiring equipment: get in touch with the shop the evening you arrive, to ensure you start bright and early the next day.