Helly Hansen Lifa Loft Hybrid Insulator Jacket Review

I carried out the Helly Hansen Lifa Loft Hybrid Insulator jacket review as a mid layer under a shell jacket. Does this type of layered system really work?

Helly Hansen Lifa Loft Hybrid Insulator jacket review

A few of my snowboarding buddies have been wearing this type of layering system for years and rave about it. And it does makes sense as you can have the mid insulator jacket on for cold days, or wear just a shell jacket for warmer weather.

Helly Hansen Lifa Loft Hybrid Insulator jacket review - front man

Out of the box

I must admit that my first impression was not great! I didn’t like the shiny black styling as it reminded me of a bin bag. Helly Hansen have many other colour options and I personally think the dark blue would have been more my style.

A big feature is that the jacket has LIFALOFT™ insulation technology. LIFALOFT™ has a 20% lighter warmth to weight ratio than other similar products. I could tell the difference instantly as the jacket felt very light.

Being vegan I was also impressed that LIFALOFT™ has a smaller carbon and water footprint than comparable polyester.

Helly Hansen Lifa Loft Hybrid Insulator jacket review - back

Out on the slopes

I wore the Lifa Loft Hybrid Insulator jacket under the Helly Hansen Ride Shell 2.0 jacket and it was the perfect combination.

Although super light, the insulator jacket immediately felt warm. Then continued to keep me warm in quite challenging weather conditions on the slopes. Meanwhile, I was protected from all the elements from the excellent shell jacket.

LIFALOFT™ creates the warmth by trapping a maximum amount of air into a small space.

This is also why it is lightweight and low profile. This was ideal as when I got too hot, i could take the insulator jacket off and easily fold it up to store in my backpack.

As the name suggests, the Lifa Loft Hybrid Insulator jacket can also be worn on it’s own. The water resistant and windproof properties would be okay for fair weather riding but not for heavy snowy conditions. Ideal for spring riding when there still could be a nip in the air.

Final words

Apart from the shiny black look, I absolutely loved the Lifa Loft Hybrid Insulator jacket. It is ideal when used as a midlayer under a quality shell jacket.

I have been sold on this type of jacket layering system and Helly Hansen do it well!

Review Summary

Helly Hansen Lifa Loft Hybrid Insulator Jacket reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Mens
Good for: Skiing and Snowboarding
Price: £160.00
Rating: 9 out of 10

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