Chatham Maguire II Walking Boots Review

Chatham Maguire II Leather Walking Boots
Chatham Maguire II Leather Walking Boots

I reviewed the original Chatham Maguire boots last year and was impressed on how comfortable they were.  This season I got to try out the Chatham Maguire II leather walking boots (brown).

If you have never heard of Chatham, they are an independent British brand that make quality footwear at very reasonable prices.  In my experience, not only do the shoes/footwear look good, they will last for years.

Chatham Maguire II Leather Walking Boots review

Last time I reviewed Tan Waxy Suede Maguire boots but this time I went for Brown Leather.  Aesthetically, the brown boots are a lot richer in colour and are more sophisticated.  They are good for walking around a ski resort in snow during the day, but look great when wearing out to the bars in the evening.  In other words, the brown boots look more ‘out, out’ than the tan suede ones do.

Having said that, I think the Tan Waxy Suede Maguire boots seem more practical for everyday use and can take a lot more abuse without losing their aesthetics.  This is probably more to do with the Tan Waxy Suede styling as they seem to get more contemporary and urban with age, looking better after a few months than when new!

The Chatham Maguire II boots are extremely comfortable.  I usually have an issue with ankle boots cutting into my ankles, but the Maguire’s have a high lined soft cushion that eradicates that problem.

I really like the solid rubber soles that are ideal for walking around ski resorts in icy or snowy conditions as they have exceptional grip.  The boots also have extra sole padding so very comfortable to walk around in.

The Chatham Maguire’s are made with a waxed leather nubuck protector that gives them great weatherproof qualities.  When I was walking around in snow i didn’t have a problem with my feet getting wet.

These boots are warm for snow conditions, but not quite as warm as other boots I have reviewed this season such as the DC Peary boots or the Helly Hansen Gata Prime Boots. But, unless you really suffer from getting cold feet, they are absolutely fine for temperatures that don’t plummet too heavily into the minus figures.  It is worth noting that I found the Chatham Maguire Tan Waxy Boots warmer to wear.

I have had these boots for about 4 months now and they still look great.  They are easy to get on or off and fits really really well.

The Chatham Maguire boots are quality made and will last for years.  At £75 they seem a bargain!

Review Summary

Chatham Maguire II Leather Walking Boots reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Mens
Good for: General use, walking around ski resorts
Price: £75.00
Rating: 9 out of 10