What is a Ski Safari?

The term ‘Ski Safari’ is being increasingly used to describe a number of different takes on a theme.
Essentially, a Ski Safari is a ‘hosted’, on-piste ski tour, usually exploring different ski areas each
day and, perhaps, involving overnight accommodation different to your base hotel or chalet.

The joy of any Ski Safari is to explore new areas, sites and scenes that years of local knowledge
can serve up, best expressed by the editor of SNOW magazine, Roger Fulton, following a Dolomite
Ski Safari Day. “These are not the kind of places you stumble upon by chance and perfectly
illustrate the wisdom of tapping into local knowledge” was his conclusion. And after arriving at the
special coffee stop, he wrote, “A scene that is quite the most idyllic I’ve seen in any winter
landscape”. High accolades from such an experienced ski guru!

Those offering a daily ski safari, tend to focus on a central theme, such as a ‘gastro Safaris’,
visiting restaurants of note, where you can sample dishes authentic to the region. There are of
course well known Safaris, such as the Sellaronda and lesser known, such as the Witches Ski
Safari Day on Alpe di Siusi.

Ski Safari Italy

Skiing in the Italian Dolomites

At the other end of the scale, is the week long Ski Safari, where each night you ski to a different ‘on
the mountain’ location to stay in a refuge – a sort of Haute Ski Route for piste-skiers! These Ski
Safari holidays often cover significant distances, which nicely leads us to a major point about Ski

Which ever catches your fancy and depending upon the specifics, your ski ability may not be the
attribute most in the spot light should you decide to take on a Ski Safari holiday. It is your fitness
that will be put to the test! Ski Safaris are often long ski days compared to many typical ski
holidays. And in many cases you will need to or be advised to carry a back pack, particularly for the
week long Ski Safaris.

But there is often more to the Ski Safari than the modern day ski marketeers imagination! The
Inspired Italy Ski Safari Holiday grew out of South Tyrollean tradition. Locals in the Dolomites
region have been ski touring long before the marketing boys had their eureka moment!

My friend, Riccardo, a non-Tyrollean, was initiated into local family ways by his 70 year old fatherin-
law, born and bred in the Dolomites, Val Gardena, who instructed him to pack a small back pack.
The two skied off into the mountains for three nights and four full ski days, travelling the length and
breadth of the Dolomites, skiing mile upon mile, using the pistes as their highways, on mountain
refuges for their overnight stays and local transport where necessary. The full story is captivating
and is the inspiration for The Ski Safari Holiday by Inspired Italy.

We know what most people do on a ski holiday, because we used to do the same!

About the author: At 53 years, Tim Hudson is a businessman, veteran adventure sports enthusiast and expedition leader on skis, sailing and hang gliding. Tim’s company, Inspired ITALY launched The Ski Safari – a mountain top refuge-to-refuge ski tour of the Dolomites. Having led many Dolomite Ski Safaris in the last five years, there is no one better equipped to ‘Ski Lead’ you through this Ski Safari adventure and to discover the best cuisine experiences – Tim loves his food and wine! He is a member of the Ski Club of Great Britain, British Association of Ski Patrollers and British Hang Gliding Assoc. He holds a current BASP mountain first aid certificate, and is a qualified hang gliding instructor and coach. He loves mountains! Since 2003, Tim has lived full time in Italy, dividing his time between Umbria/Tuscany and the South Tyrol. Ask Tim about his hang gliding adventure along the Kenyan Rift Valley in 1992 – he’ll bore you for hours!

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Robert Stewart

Ski Editor at Snow.Guide

Rob has extensive knowledge and experience of winter sports and has been qualified to instruct and teach Alpine Skiing for over 25 years. He is also an experienced off-piste and backcountry skier and has competed in freestyle and freeride events around the world. Now a full-time ski writer and Director of Ski Press, Rob is Snow.Guide’s Ski Editor and contributes to many other snowsports, national and lifestyle publications.

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