Decathlon Wed’ze Free 900 Snowboard Mittens Review

This is a review of the Decathlon Wed’ze Free 900 Snowboard Mittens.

Being a snowboarder, it is unusual that I have never tried out Mittens before, so I was very keen to test out the Wed’ze Free 900 Snowboard Mittens to see what all the fuss is about.

I had an ideal opportunity to test them out with an epic snowboarding trip starting out at Val Gardena in Italy, Innsbruck in Austria, followed finally by Jasna in Slovakia.  Three very different countries and so three very different scenarios.

My first impressions of the mittens were that they looked simple but stylish (Black) on the back, but I do not like the strange glittery style palms that made me think of an early Michael Jackson music video.  I know that the mittens are unisex, but this was a bit too feminine for my liking

The gloves fitted well and were easy to pull on.  I even tried this with a wrist protector and the mittens still fitted perfectly.

I like the idea of the zip at the top to free my fingers so I can operate my phones camera or get something out of my pocket.  Although easy to undo, I did have difficulty zipping back up and had to use my teeth.

I found these snowboarding mittens to be very warm, but I did notice a slight chill on the inside at the top where the zip is.  This was only in wind which increased the wind chill factor.  I also liked the fact that when my hands did start to get a bit warm, I could undo the zips slightly to cool them down

Being used to gloves, I found the Decathlon Wed’ze Free 900 Snowboard Mittens a little tricky to do up my bindings at first, but I soon got the hang of it and had no problems after a couple of runs.

In fact, I really loved the freedom of movement of my fingers that the mittens gave me.  I was sceptical at first but really started to love the concept of mittens by the end of my trip.

The  Decathlon Wed’ze Free 900 Snowboard Mittens also have good waterproof properties which I found out when playing in deep powder in Innsbruck.  My hands stayed dry throughout.

Overall, I think Decathlon have produced good quality snowboard mittens for a very competitive price.  I think I have been converted to snowboard mittens!

Review Summary

Decathlon Wed’ze Free 900 Snowboard Mittens reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Unisex
Good for: Snowboarding
Price: £44.99
Rating: 8 out of 10

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