Skiing Centres in the UK

We have compiled a comprehensive list of Dry ski slopes and indoor skiing centres, in the UK.

Learning to ski before you go on your holiday in the mountains is a great investment, see my previous post: Learn To Ski Before You Go To A Ski Resort. There is an abundance of ski slopes throughout the UK including artificial ‘plastic’ slopes and indoor real snow centres.

Dry Ski Slopes

The original ski slopes in the UK are still the most widespread. The surface is made of a nylon like material which feels and looks like large bristles similar to a toothbrush. They are good for learning to ski and progressing through to parallel turns. It is worth taking at least 3 lessons to enable you to have basic control of speed and direction. These slopes are almost always outdoors but even if the weather is warm it is essential to wear long sleeves and gloves, as the surface can be abrasive if you fall on it.

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English Dry Ski Slopes

Scottish Dry Ski Slopes

Welsh Dry Ski Slopes

Indoor Snow Domes

During the last few years a number of indoor skiing centres with real snow have sprung up across the UK, called Snow domes. They are generally about the same length as many artificial slopes although the benefits of skiing on real snow have made these centres very popular. Like artificial slopes, it is possible to either take lessons with qualified instructors or simply turn up for recreational practice. These centres are always indoors and artificially cooled to preserve the snow conditions. Although there are not as many indoor Snow domes as Dry ski slopes, they are spread out across the UK and growing in number all the time.

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