Forcefield Ultra-Lite Back Protector

Forcefield Ultra-Lite Back Protector Review

Forcefield is the brand of choice for many British professional snowboarders when choosing protection products, including the UK’s fastest snowboarder, Jamie Barrow.

If the products are good enough for the pros, then they are good enough for me and I have been using the Carve back protector for the last few years. I love the Carve (see previous review) and jumped at the chance to try out the Forcefield Ultra-Lite back protector.

As the name may suggest, the Ultra-lite is lightweight and has an amazingly low profile of 19.5mm. The clever multilayer system is very flexible and moulded itself to the shape of my back making it very comfortable to wear. The multi layers allow for air to vent through the back protector making it a lot more breathable than most back protectors.

The Ultra-lite is specially designed for snowboarding/skiing and has RPT (Repeat Performance Technology so it can be repeatedly used, even after multiple high impact wipeouts – although I would advise on not testing this feature out if you can help it!

I must admit, when I first saw the Ultra-lite and could bend it almost in half, I was dubious of how on earth this would protect me on a wipe-out! But, like the Forcefield Carve, the Ultra-lite layers are formed from NitrexEvo which is Forcefield’s very own, tried and tested shock absorbing multi impact material. Although, luckily, I did not get the opportunity to test this out with a major impact, I did feel that the back protector covers the whole spine and Coccyx well.

The back protector is fitted by adjustable over shoulder straps as well as a wide velcro strap around the waist which was secure, quick to adjust and comfortable.

I think the Forcefield Ultra-Lite back protector is ideal for snowboarding or skiing, as it offers full protection and is so light you will instantly forget that you are wearing it. I also like the slim profile so it is hidden under a ski jacket and doesn’t make you look like a ninja turtle!


CE Level 1
3D moulding
Highly Flexible
Low Profile 19.5mm
RPT (Repeat Performance Technology)
Adjustable shoulders and waist belt
Super Low Profile

Review Summary

Forcefield Ultra-Lite Back Protector reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Mens / Womens
Good for: Snowboarding / Skiing
Price: £79.95
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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