Cheap Ski Socks – Decathlon Wed’ze Ski Socks Review

Decathlon Wed’ze ski socks are only £3.99! But how good are they?  In this review Mark Barber finds out.

Budget ski socks used to mean ill-fitting tube socks that were neither comfortable or practical.  I have also had some truly awful but expensive ski socks in the past with the heels badly designed and itchy to wear.

So it can’t be possible to get a decent pair of ski socks for under a fiver, right?  Well, it seems you can!

The Wed’ze ski socks look good quality and come in various colours.  The ones I tested were dark blue.  They come in four different size groups and with an accurate sizing chart on the website.

There is nothing super technical about the Wed’ze ski socks and they simply do the job.  I found them really comfortable with well fitting heel and toes.  The wool felt soft and not itchy in anyway.

I also like the way the socks fitted over my calfs and shins.  This is not massively important for me as a snowboarder with soft boots, but this can be a big deal for skiers needing a more comfortable feeling under ski boots.

At times I was out in cold conditions but at no time did my feet get cold as the socks kept them warm.

As for durability, I have used the Wed’ze ski socks for a total of 15 days on the mountain and they are as good as the first day.  Some socks may shrink in the wash but that is not the case with these.

I like the socks so much that I have bought my daughter a few pairs for her ski trip at Easter.

For budget ski socks you really can’t go wrong with these!


WARMTHSock composed of 15% wool and up to 50% wool in the sole.
USER COMFORTSocks with a fine upper section that is not too thick when worn in ski boots
STABILITYFully elasticated sock. Elastic to support your foot arch.
MOISTURE MANAGEMENTGood perspiration wicking towards the outside of the sock.
PRECISIONMID thickness sock, recommended for most skiing and snowboarding boots.

Review Summary

Decathlon Wed’ze Ski Socks reviewed by Snow.Guide
Gender: Unisex
Good for: Skiing and Snowboarding
Price: £3.99
Rating: 8.5 out of 10
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