Jamie Barrow - snowboarder being towed by a plane

THE VIDEO – Snowboarder Jamie Barrow being towed by a plane

A couple of weeks ago we reported on Jamie Barrow’s success on being towed on a snowboard by a commercial aircraft, reaching a speed of 125Kph.

With great anticipation we have been waiting for the release of the official video and it is certainly worth the wait!

The backdrop is the incredible scenery of the Engadin Valley and St.Moritz in Switzerland. The aerial shots using the camera drones capture this beauty and the scenes are almost dreamy to watch.

Jamie narrates well throughout the video, explaining why he chose to do this stunt and walking us through the tense build up when permissions were being refused and plans were changing at the 11th hour.  With everything that went wrong, it was amazing that the stunt happened at all!

The actual stunt footage is incredible and taken from many camera angles giving a real sense of the danger and speed that Jamie was travelling at.  The aircraft accelerated so quickly that the camera van couldn’t keep up!

The best footage and surely a clip that will go viral, is from a static GoPro camera on the ground with Jamie speeding almost over the top of it at 125Kph.  I have been told that Jamie didn’t even know that the camera was there and it had been placed right in his path – lucky he didn’t hit it!

Another great moment is when he is greeted by his relieved parents after completing his run as you can get a real feel of the tension that they must have been feeling.  It couldn’t have been easy for them to watch as this was an extremely dangerous stunt where, because of the angle he was being pulled from, Jamie could have easily caught an edge and been thrown onto the tarmac at 125kph!

This is an incredible video and a must watch – This is going viral!