Panda Optic Dual Vision Ski goggles Review

Panda Optic Dual Vision Ski goggles Review

Embarking on a week-long snowboarding trip to Val d’Isere, courtesy of Ski Beat, provided the ideal terrain to review and put the Panda Optic Dual Vision Ski goggles to the test. Throughout the week, I encountered a diverse array of conditions—basking in bright sunlight, navigating through shadowy terrains, and challenging myself in flat and fading light. This comprehensive review captures the goggles’ performance in the midst of ever-changing weather on the slopes.

A game changer for Panda Optics?

The Dual Vision Ski goggles are a game changer for Panda Optics! I have been a big fan of Panda Optics for many years but the new design and lens is on another level.

I chose the Dual Vision goggles with the polarized red toric lens which mimics the curvature of a retina, and out of the box, they exuded sheer elegance. Despite my initial concern that the oversized lens might not suit my slim face, I was pleasantly surprised—they not only fit perfectly but are arguably the best-fitted goggles I’ve ever had. They snugly fit without a gap under my helmet and remarkably did not pinch my nose, a usual issue for me.

Panda Optic Dual Vision Ski goggles Review

These goggles are exceptionally lightweight, featuring a minimal frame. Coupled with the oversized lens, they offer a breathtaking panoramic field of vision with an expansive peripheral range. They were so comfortable that I hardly noticed I was wearing them while snowboarding.

A standout feature of all Panda Optics ski goggles is the ease of interchanging lenses. The magnetic fixing system allows for a swift lens swap by pulling off one lens and snapping the replacement in place. While this magnetic snap system is incredibly quick, the only downside is that it requires removing gloves. A nice little touch is that apart from the main lens, a low-light lens is also always supplied as part of the package.

The Dual Vision polarized red toric lens

The Dual Vision polarized red toric lens distinguished itself by performing exceptionally well in various conditions, including fading light. I only needed to switch to the HD low-light yellow lens twice due to extreme flat light.

The interchangeable lens system does present a challenge in terms of carrying the spare lens, especially without a backpack. The new lenses’ larger and more curved design makes them somewhat cumbersome to fit into a jacket pocket. Although I managed, it felt uncomfortable and dug into my side a bit while on the slopes.

These goggles also boast enhanced durability compared to previous models, thanks to a noticeably harder frame. While I didn’t get the chance to test their durability on a wipeout, they felt robust, and the lens stayed firmly in place throughout.

It’s worth noting that the lenses are resilient and resistant to scratching. Despite my reputation for clumsiness, there isn’t a single scratch on the lens after a week in Val d’Isere.

Panda Optic Dual Vision Ski goggles Review

Panda Optics Dual Vision ski goggles Review – Final Words

In conclusion, I am thoroughly impressed with the new Panda Optics Dual Vision ski goggles. As a British independent company, Panda Optics not only produces quality products but consistently strives to improve its range. The curved style of the goggles ensured an excellent fit for my face. I particularly loved the black/red toric lens, providing excellent vision in various mountain conditions and lighting.

Considering their price point, it’s challenging to find a better pair of goggles in my opinion!

Panda Optics Dual Vision ski goggles Review – Features

Mirrored Red Toric UV400+ polarised lens
Maize yellow low light HD lens included
8 point powerful magnetic lens change system
Integrated Guma® anti fog technology
TPU grade 6 rigidity Frame
3-layer dual density foam with fleece finish
Frameless design
Fully helmet compatible unisex size fits medium and large
Easy adjustable strap
Twin silicone grip bands on inner strap
OTG (over the glasses compatible) max frame width 128
Moulded storage/packaging box
Micro Fibre cleaning cloth and bag

Review Summary

Panda Optics Dual Vision ski goggles reviewed by Snow.Guide

Gender: Unisex
Good for: skiing and snowboarding
Price: £160.00
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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