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Monty Goes Skiing – The Adventures of Monty the Marmot Book Review

I recently received a copy of Monty Goes Skiing by Richard Liddle, a qualified BASI skiing instructor, designer and now writer & publisher of children’s books.

Monty Goes Skiing is a fun and easy to read book that combines the story of how the Marmot (ski instructor and expert skier) teaches his new friend Mortimer how to ski.

It goes through a simple progression up to a snowplough and makes the whole journey fun as Mortimer as first struggles to get to grips with it all and then finally realises how fun it all is.

Monty Marmot Book

I’ve now read it several times to my four year old daughter who went skiing for the first time last winter. She really enjoys the book and loves the imagery which is a clever blend of photography and artwork that looks ‘coolio smoolio’ (Mortimer’s words, not mine). We had the book on hard bedtime story rotation when we first received it which is perhaps the best recommendation from our daughter.
It wasn’t easy getting a quote from my four year daughter but when asked what she thought about the book her answer was simply, ‘it’s great’.

Perhaps a far better medium to fully understand how much she likes it can be viewed on the interview I conducted with her:

If you have children who are learning to ski or will be learning to ski, then I’d really recommend buying the book – if they aren’t going to ski, then it’s just a fun and easy book to read anyway.

You can buy it online here:
Richard can be contacted @montythemarmot