Christmas items

Ideal Christmas Gifts For Skiers And Snowboarders For This Season

New Book: Ski A to Z, by Kimberley Kay

Ski A to Z is a fun, illustrated introduction to skiing. It demystifies the world of skiing, making it more accessible. This book explains what it can take years to discover, and many things that no one mentions to beginner skiers. Ski A to Z has valuable information and advice that can empower the reader to be able to enjoy the experience of skiing. This book will help anyone prepare for mountain experiences as it’s packed with useful tips and insights. Written and illustrated in the classic style of A-Z books, this fun and informative introduction to skiing makes for an ideal gift for anyone – at any age – who is interested in skiing. Kimberley is an avid skier and former ski racer.

RRP: £12.95 available from Waterstones (pre-ordering now for start of December availability).

Ski A to Z Book Cover

New Book: 30 Years In A White Haze, By Dan Egan And Eric Wilbur

Thirty Years in a White Haze: Dan Egan’s Story of Worldwide Adventure and the Evolution of Extreme Skiing chronicles Dan’s trials, successes, and losses, as well as the technological boom and subsequent growth of the outdoor media industry. The book maps time and space, unravelling history as Egan ties together his own family’s story, the ever-present mortality of his namesake, his grandfather’s involvement in desegregating Boston’s schools, and the rise of extreme skiing and technology into the new millennium. An ode to a life filled with curiosity, growth, freedom, and its costs, Dan Egan and Eric Wilbur’s new book promises a heavy dose of humour, suspense, thrill, and documentary, as thirty years of haze dissipates to clarity.

RRP: £29.99 available from Amazon.

30 Years in a White Haze Book Cover

New Jacket: Maier Sports Brand New Liland

Very versatile 3 layer technical shell jacket designed for hiking, trekking, urban travel and skiing. It has an environmentally-friendly, water-repellent, PFC-free finish and it’s made from 65% recycled Polyester yarn. Waterproof and highly breathable, it comes in 10 different size options, so it’s suitable for a really large range of body sizes. As useful walking around the city as it is on the mountain.

RRP: £299.95 (men’s and women’s versions available) Maier Sports website.

Maier Sports Liland Ski Jacket

New Ski Accessory: The New Boot Bib From No More Boots

The new Boot Bib performs two key functions – firstly, to make it much easier to slip ski boots on, especially on cold mornings when the plastic is at its hardest. Secondly, to ensure the liner is protected whilst removing it from the shell after a day on the slopes. The process of this over time can be damaging to the liner, but the Boot Bib fully protects it from wear and tear. The Boot Bib also makes it much easier to both remove and re-insert the liner – which can be a challenge normally, often preventing many skiers from performing this simple task that can significantly prolong the life of ski boots. It’s made from fully recycled plastic in Sweden and can also be branded with personal or business logos or branding. There’s an adult and a kid size.

RRP: £11.00 Boot Bib website.

Boot Bib

Keep Your Feet Snug With SNÜX

SNÜX is a new overboot designed to keep feet warm and dry in cold weather and fits over any ski boot. The company’s innovative nano-technology material, COZYTECH®, combines innovative thermal technology with advanced materials to create the warmest performance clothing with heat-generating qualities. It’s also supported by ultra-thin high-performance neoprene to maintain thermodynamic control in alpine temperatures and rebound moisture from seeping into the ski boot. For anyone that has experienced cold feet on the slopes, this looks like being a great solution for a more comfortable day out.

RRP: £64.00 SNÜX website.