Skiing Moguls

How to Ski Moguls – Part 2

When we start skiing moguls we can traverse across them and use the bump to make a turn. Look ahead and pick your mogul (it’s now your friend), allow your skis to roll up the back side and absorb this impact by letting your knees come up towards your body. As the skis near the apex or top of the mogul, firstly, plant your pole near the top of the bump then steer your skis in a turn and extend your legs as you travel down the front of the bump.

The fact that your skis travel up the back of the mogul will slow your speed down a little, you might speed up again as you roll down the front, but if you let the skis slide slightly sideways as you go down this will help. Then use another bump as soon as possible to again control your speed even more. Practice on a relatively shallow slope. Build up your rhythm and start to make your turns on the earliest mogul possible.

If you have grasped the concept of rotation the steering the skis in the way will be easier. Try to avoid applying pressure to the inside edge of one ski like you might on a flat slope.

As you build up confidence you can start thinking about skiing down the mogul field rather than across it. Because you can rotate your skis well by this stage, controlling your speed should be easy! When you make a long carving turn on the piste, your whole body changes direction and travels across the slope. When you ski down a mogul field, your body travels in a straight line and it’s only your skis that turn.

It’s OK to keep your skis quite close together at this point. This also helps to spread the pressure over both skis more equally, which is helpful for skiing bumps. Getting into a rhythm is important and this is somewhat dictated by the moguls themselves. Take a look at the ‘line’ before starting and find one that looks the most uniform and predictable.

Like before, the back of the mogul will slow your skis down and slide down the front for even more control. Keep the rhythm going by planting your ski poles on every mogul. Always look ahead, you should be ready for the next before you make the last!
If you struggle to stay under control then go back and practice some more side slipping and remember it’s all about the rotation.

Here’s a short summary listing a few crucial points for getting the most out of the moguls:

  • Don’t try and make long carve turns in a bump field
  • Make sure you are comfortable with pole planting technique
  • Have the ability to make short radius turns on a ‘flat’ piste
  • Understand side slipping and be able to rotate your skis underneath your body
  • Allow your body to travel directly down the hill whilst steering your feet and legs only
  • If you do lean back, use the next mogul to correct your position as it will act as a break for your skis
  • Have fun!