Vew do balance board

Vew-Do ‘Flow’ Balance Board Review

Formed from a passion for snowboarding, Vew-Do have been making balance boards since they was established in Manchester, Vermount, way back in 1991 and are now distributed in the UK by Ubalance. The products are hand crafted in the US and are beautifully designed.

Although not yet distributed in the UK, this could change in the near future and I was very keen on trying out the Flow model which is targeted towards intermediate to expert snowboarders.

Vew-do Flow board

Vew-do Flow balance board

My first impression of the Flow Vew-Do balance board was how strikingly stunning the board graphics are. Although simplistic in nature, the colourful design consisting of mountains, sea and sun has a carefree and joyful vibe that symbolises board sports such as surfing and snowboarding.

The top layer of the beautifully crafted wooden board has a rough and gritty texture for grip. The balance board has a skateboard look to it and is only about 0.7m in length. Also provided is a solid wooden spindle that is used in conjunction with runners on the bottom of the board for balance.

By placing the spindle on a flat surface, the balance board is placed on top with the middle runner placed within the grove of the balance spindle. With the spindle one end, the user places one foot on the other side of the board and the other foot on the board over the spindle. Then slowly applies pressure so that the board rolls across the spindle and the user is balanced evenly with the spindle centrally positioned underneath.

This initial and basic balance exercise can take a little getting used to, especially if you are new to board sports. After a couple of minutes of balancing you can certainly feel the burn in your legs! There are other exercises that you can move onto which are designed to be more challenging but fun.

I am a keen snowboarder and thought the Vew-Do Balance board was fantastic to use in pre-season training and really helps with the central balance as well as working on those core muscle groups. All this is vital for snowboarding and will not only improve stance and technique, it can also reduce the risk of injury.

For these reasons the balance board is also great as part of a daily routine. The board is small and so can be easily stored behind a sofa or under a bed, with easy access so it can be dragged out every day for a few minutes exercise. Every little helps and you can easily exercise on it while watching TV!

The balance board is ideal for snowboarders and can be used for working on the stance and technique of toe or heal edges. This can be a bit tricky and that is why the Flow board is more suited for intermediate or expert level snowboarders. Vew-Do do have an entry level balance board which makes practising on edges a lot easier.

Overall I am impressed with the Vew-Do Flow Balance Board. It is a simple design without any bells and whistles, but the most useful of devices often are. It is not only ideal as part of a pre-snowboarding trip exercise program, but can easily be used as part of a daily routine to work on those all important core muscles as well as improving on your centre of balance. The product itself is solid and beautifully designed and crafted.

Now distributed and sold from the UK by Ubalance Ltd
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