Marmots Maps – All the Ski areas in the Alps mapped out!

Marmots Maps - first map of the Alps with all the ski areas

 Snow.Guide Interviews Stefan about the launch of Marmota Maps – The first map that has included all the Ski areas in the Alps

How did you get the idea?

Originally I wanted to buy the map we now designed but I couldn’t find it anywhere. And when I tolled Lana about the idea, she really liked the challenge.

How did you get Marmota Maps from concept to a finished product?

We started by getting the height lines out of GIS-Systems. We had to do some edits, but over all, it worked out fine. But there is no data for ski resort areas so we had to map all ski resorts ourselves, based on online piste plans and satellite imagery.

That was quite a task which took some time. And then we added all the information of blue, red and black piste kilometres as well as height. For that we have a cooperation with, the largest data provider on ski resorts in the world. We were able to include their data.

And we also wanted something graphic on the map. So we illustrated 30 mountains of the map. you can find them here;

We have some interesting information on our website. For example, we mapped out exactly 26,495 kilometers of slopes in total. All information here:

Tell me about your Kickstarter campaign?

Our kickstarter campaign started last Friday.
Our rewards include:
  • 10 early bird maps for 40€
  • 100 early bird maps for 50€
  • the regular price for the map will be 60€
  • A Din A3-print of a mountain of your choice for 25€
We will also have some special editions like the psychedelic rainbow edition, options for multiple maps and some need postcards.

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